Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013 - Day 1

Today is December 10th 2013, and the Ride begins at the Lower Brule Reservation in South Dakota. I will try to put photos and interesting snippets from the Riders and support people on here every day of the Ride. Also mixed comments from the Face Book group members will be added. Videos and items of interest will be added to the left side column.

The first stop; a ceremony at the Memorial site on the edge of the Missouri River. The Memorial is for the group of more than a thousand Dakota People who were taken to Crow Creek by boat in the spring of 1863. Many died along the way and many died when they reached Crow Creek. There is a circle marked into the four directions each having one of the sacred colors in the pathway. the stone memorial sits in the center. The pathway goes all around the circle, and all the while you are walking around it praying you can hear the flags, which are also in the sacred colors, flapping of the in the wind. Just being there gives you an idea what it must have been like for the Dakota that dreadful day they were taken there.

Spirit Braid in one of the Sanka Wakan's this morning..

The Dakota 38 video from 2008
Map of the Ride - day by day

Thoughts, prayers, for all of you. You will be starting this day with much love from many, we all pray for you to endure the elements, pray for the 4 legged ones also. I am sure there is much sadness in the hearts of some, Creator will help. I know personally, my thoughts will be with all of you. Love all.- Alice Erickson

Heart felt prayers and a wish for safe travels to all who are involved in this year's ride. Blessings on you all. - Melissa Lane

Our prayers from here in Missouri are with the riders and the horses. And the helpers along the way too - Bud Moellinger.

Wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing. Know we ride with you ALL, surrounding you with our Prayers, Blessings and Love - Abby Peawhisle.

May your journey be safe and your ride be fulfilling. Prayers for all who are riding with you. - Melissa Hughes Wolfle

You have many prayers, blessings and so much heartfelt love coming from so many people as you traverse eastwards. It is a good day to Ride! - Gloria Hazell-Derby

I send many prayers for all the riders and horses that all may remain safe throughout the journey. May it be so ~¤~
Taressa Edge

On the road to Crow Creek


I am so excited to follow the ride here and so sad I will not be with you all day to day. As some of you may know my homie and co-worker from Mexico needed to go back last week - I accompanied him to the border of Texas/Mexico. I've got a lot of work to do without him. I hope to meet up with the ride when I get free time and on some weekends - I will be praying for you everyday - join with you as you have morning prayers. Peace and Blessings on you all Mitakuye Oyasin.... - Marque Jensen

Richard Milda ready to ride


Wopila to toska Richard Milda for always being there for us and for the oyate. He is loved by many. His mother is my sister in Crow tradition and is a blood relative, I feel fortunate to be part of their family. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Riding into Crow Creek


Aba Washded, greetings to the riders on behalf of my Nakota family in central Alberta, Canada. Waka bless each of you with strength in the next coming days as you journey to honor the old ones and those who are in need of healing. Pinamabid
- Sherry Letendre

Gathering at the Monument


Sending warm thoughts to all of you from Louisiana...be safe - Vicki Williams Barry

This needs to be included

On December 2, 2013 Roger Rodriquez from the Lower Brule was missing. His family and police spent many days looking for him. On December 9 the Dakota 38 riders were preparing to leave Lower Brule on a long ceremonial journey but before they left one of Rogers family members came forword asking for assistance in finding Roger. They placed the member in the center of the circle and prayed for Roger. As they rode out an eagle flew over the riders, circled and flew over again even lower. In the next few hours Roger was found and had sadly left our world. Today there was a remembrance dinner for Roger at Lower Brule. As we all gathered to shake hands and console the family my heart burst in pain and love. Roger's daughter was crying and I could see the pain and hurt. Her mom was trying to hold back her tears and being so strong. The daughter turned into her mother and said "I miss Dad!". In and instant I was moved beyond words and brought to tears.
I hope as she grows older that see will be able to ride with us. My heart and my prayers go out to the family.
- Keith Nichols

From a family member of Roger

Thanks you all that helped in the search on bringing my uncle/dad home, it truely means a lot to me. Iwould like to meet and shake the hands of the Dakota 38 +2 that helped in the search and showed up to the memorial although i was unable to attend due to weather reasons and living out of state I great appreciate you all being there. May Tunkasila wrap his arms around you and keep you all safe on your ride. - Olivia LaRoche

I heard stories from my Grandfather~they must have been from his mother (my great Grandmother) she died the year I was born (1953). Throughout my life I remember things he said ~ he hated going to Mankato, his mother missed her relatives but because of the laws she had to hide her heritage. People thought that was far fetched, I believed ~ it tooks many years of piecing together (right or wrong).
This Vision of Jim's is about the truth ~ the real history we all need to know and reconcile. My Grandfather was a kind quiet man. He hated the hangings, he hated what the government did to those innocent people. (His words circa 1970).
(I am 61 now~life goes by so quickly) All this history, this sadness, and the JOY because Jim was true to himself for others ~ a very honorable characteristic ~ much respect.
- Pamela Kay Leverenz

Some of the Riders, runners and support crew gather around to pray at the momument stone



To sit among the horse is riding between the worlds. - Joy Maddox Dacus

Perry Little the new Staff Carrier sits astride his horse with 27 other horses and riders around him.




We are staying at the Diamond Willow mission tonite. A meal is being served. Janice Howe n family are providing it. Wopila. - Josette Peltier

The Relay runners and Walkers - Lower Brule

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