Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013 - Day 16

Today is December 25th 2013, Christmas Day, and the sixteenth day of the Ride when the Riders went 20 miles from Courtland to Mankato and are staying in the Best Western there. If you look on the Community page below you can see information on the towns the Riders go to.

If you are wondering why there are not many actual horse photos on these main pages it is because they will have their own page at the end of the Ride. I am collecting the photos as they go along, trying to find out details on each one so that they can be honored as the Treasures they are. If any of you have stories of the horses on the Ride, please let me know so they can be added to the page.

I will continue adding the comments from the Face Book group members each day and any stories that come in from the Ride. At the bottom of the page you will see I will be adding extra pages, so please if you see a live link click on it to see what is on there.. Videos and positive items of interest are added to the left side column of the page as they come in.

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Please watch this all the way through there are 12 pictures

Merry Christmas to all the Dakota38+2 riders Nina Wopida for the sacrifices you made..as it's hard to be away from your families you are the blessed ones because you are in ceremony spending time with our ancestors..so much respect and love for each one of you. Christmas hugs going out to ny misun Seth Eastman!!! - Wakaninajinwin Eastman

Morning prayers and tobacco offered. Here's praying that this ride will impact the young people in positive ways, for the rest of their lives. - Vicki Williams Barry

Spirit Braid in one of the Sanka Wakan's.


The Dakota 38 video from 2008
Map of the Ride - day by day

Map of where you are located

Blog from 2012 Ride
Blog for 2013 Ride
Dakota 38 website
The Face Book group page of the Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013
Trailer for 'Older Than America'
This movie made me cry and I don't cry much, it was so sad and touched my heart very deeply! - Starr Arellano
Joanne Shenandoah sings
Larry Long Water in the Rain
Postcards from Pioneer TV MN

So many songs and hours at my altar today.. so many prayers. Ride safety, oyate! -
Kayla Bluhm

Thank you for adding me to this site. May all involved have a safe and sacred ride. - Curt Lauret

Blessings for doing a Great Job and sharing, Prayers with Sage and Sweet grass for all of us, as you make it possible for all of us to be able share this journey - Mitukuye Oyasin - Janet Nagle

goodmorning to all.....wishing everyone & shunkawakans a blessed beautiful day for journey you take today! love thots & prayers frm ft washakie wyo - Maria Menard

Thank you for accepting me. I watch the movies Dakota38 and was deeply touched as I could feel the healing of this ride. Prayers to the riders and all of those who are helping this ride happen - .
Vickie Blackeagle Williams

Even AFTER the Ride, you ALL, esp the younger ones, WILL REMAIN in our thoughts and PRAYERS. The Prayers just DON'T stop with the Ride. We carry EVERYONE involved in our hearts. You are NOT forgotten......Your Family just got bigger. Hugs and Blessings - Abby Peawhisle

It's a rainy morning here, in South Louisiana, but that didn't stop me from offering tobacco for a safe journey. - Vicki Williams Barry


For the Memorial riders
I call my fastest horse from the darkness
Horse wild as wolf teeth
Horse patient as stone
Horse who whispers to wind
From the West he comes
Pejuta Sunuka
Medicine Dog
Yah Yahhhhhhhhhhhh

- Nancy Kohn Raven


The horse is even holding its head up with pride. Thank all the horses and riders for this wonderful commemoration. Praying for safety for horses and riders and support team. - Linda Daniel OConnell


I would like to say this, it was hard for me to enjoy Christmas Eve last night. I thought of the Rider's, family, friends. But, I was with my family, which made me feel better. For some reason, the spirit of why we have Christmas was in the back of my mind and the 38+2 had to leave this world. I tear up thinking of this, no matter what time of year, day etc. This will always be with me, and I will support the Ride as long as I can. Mitakuye Oyasin. - Alice Erickson


As riders, runners and supporters prepare for the days trek I offer prayers of strength for all. My daughter is Wakanyubdecewin Mckay & my grandmother Alice McKay ( Wakanyubedecewin) My grandmother was born at Morton in 1892. Our trip has made such a big difference in my daughter's life and mine ..I wished we could have come back once again.. Love, Respect, Strength, Humility, Prayer - Curtis Mckay

Kyra Riding for her late Grandfather

Well here in Courtland,Minnesota at the community center. Been a long day. I drove today n stayed behind the riders. It was very powerful. Prayers said n songs sang, I know helped the riders n horses. What I felt was very spiritual. These riders n horses endured so much riding for the Dakota 38+2, our ancestors, the Oyate n their own prayers. They have sacrificed so much. Please thank them in prayer if not in person. Every year the love n compassion seems to grow with what these riders give of themselves. Wopila Tanka! - Josette Peltier

Merry Christmas to the riders and their families....I am proud of your courage and sincerity for all of us and our ancestors!! I'm there in prayers with u all!!! - Tonia White

Prayers for the riders and horses today as you ride to Reconciliation Park. Thank you for all that you have done to open the eyes and hearts of so many. A very Merry Christmas to you and your families - Mitakuye Oyasin!
- David J. Sterken

Prayers for All on this Day.....for the Riders and Horses, Supporters, and Contributors...for the Past, Present and Future, Thank You for Riding for us all.... - Doug Luzar

Well wisher's and blessings to all the rider's, helper's and everyone else involved and supporting the Dakota 38 + 2 memorial ride and othe'sr. I cannot wait till I come to the States and experience this wonderful event. Love from New Zealand. xx - Toirangi Porima-Waterhouse

Acton Marker.

My gratitude for the riders and the Sunka Wakan for their perseverance in these harsh days. Wopila to our elder Jim Miller for his courage by sharing this vision with the World. Another thank you to elder Tokala Two Elk, that visits our community and shared the song that the Dakota 38 were singing as they were going to be executed. There is healing and good feelings amongst the people. My heart is singing!
- Joy Fox


The most important job of the day... Feeding the horses.

Riding is great part of ceremony but at the end of the day the horses need food and water and we work hard to make sure that happens. - Keith Nichols

it truly is an honor, thank you Creator for the opportunity to serve, even if it is HAY! - Susan Anderson

On the way to Courtland

Sending up Prayers for the riders and their families. God bless everyone. - Betty Kay


after I get well from this leukemia, back in the saddle....I agree. - Sharon Kitchen


I apologize if I posted too many, just didn't want to skip one that you were in

Two-legged and then four-legged encircled the drum for the morning ceremony which sent and received energy to and from the Four Directions. I kept my camera inside my parka for fear it would freeze! Then the horses circled around us and headed down the road toward Courtland. We trailed along just to the highway crossing before turning onto the scenic county road. We followed along the south side of the Minnesota River where my relatives lived and thrived "before contact" until they were driven from Mni Sota Macoge. Wopida tanka for the opportunity to be among my far flung relatives, gathered in a circle to begin the last days of this monumental ride. At some point everyone participating has stated their reason for being here. Healing, peace, for my family, for the people, understanding, for the children and the elderly....this is why we ride. It's powerful.
- Betty Sheldon


These four photos are of the Red Eagle family

This is our second year coming to support the ride. Today was the first time we got to ride. It was very humbling to be able to ride with my children. While riding in the freezing cold all I could think if is what our ppl went through. Seeing our relatives come from all over to pray and support one another gives me hope for our future. Thanks to our relatives who let us ride their horses. Merry Xmas -

Jeremy Red Eagle

I am happy you n your family are with us here on the Dakota 38+2 ride. You riding today brought joy to my heart. Knowing that you n your family come a long distance to pray with relatives. Wopila Tanka! - Josette Peltier

May each and everyone involved with this Ride receive a Major Blessing in their Lives from the Creator! Aho... - Robert Mullinax

Sending prayers and blessings your way. Safe travels - Noreen Picken

Prayers and blessings to all involved in the ride. - Rod Barnes

Oh how I wish I were riding with - Nancy McPeek Young

Saddle sores on my butt or no saddle sores on my butt, I wanna ride someday. - Larry J McNeely

Christmas is a tradition that hasn't been practiced in our home since 2005, the year that the Dakota 38 +2 Wokiksuye Ride started. I seen that in this season of giving which is what the larger society calls it, that the riders gave of themselves in a powerful way. After watching the men, women and children moving with prayer and being a part of a circle of love I knew this was a natural reason for the season. My takoja and children know this and it hasn't traumatized them in anyway because they recognize that they receive gifts year round. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Matt Goertz the gift of wood that you shared with us was passed on to relatives who ran out of wood. This family is now warm, your gift provided a very basic human need, to have warmth. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Happy Holidays to my Dakota 38 family! Amazing how close we've become through the power of the internet! We are truly thankful for the support, well wishes and prayers, not only from across the country, but around the world! Blessings to the riders, horses and support staff for their dedication and commitment! We will all be with you at 10:00am tomorrow in spirit! Hope you can feel the strength and power! - Lou Fuentes

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and thanking all involved with the ride. When I watched the movie 2 years ago, it changed my life. Words cannot say that what has done for my spirit. I lift up all of you in prayer as you make your way to Mankato . I know in my heart, many have been touched and lives have been changed. Thank you all! - Joy Maddox Dacus

Merry Christmas to all of the riders and their families. I have watched in awe at every milestone that you have had to overcome and all of the hardships and sacrifices that you have endured. You not only bring pride to your own tribe for what you are doing, you bring pride to all who are Native - Cheryl Poitra


Part of the Courtland clean up crew

Please say a prayer for this blessed newborn takoja, Reyes Stein, who will be undergoing surgery today to correct a blockage in his tiny stomach. He's been literally starving since he's unable to process milk due to this condition. His mother, Donna Stein, organized a fund raiser for the Ride at the American Indian Magnet School in St. Paul. Wopila! - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

This is Victoria Reyes mom miigwetch for all the prayers n positive energy for my baby boy. His surgery went great and hes resting now. - Monique Nelson

to all the riders - drivers - food prepare-ers and providers - spiritual leaders and supporters - have a wonderful Christmas day, so thankful for all you are doing for past and future generations - healing and reconciliation is happening I've seen it on the ride and experienced with you all! - Hasta manaña familia! - Marque Jensen

Merry Christmas, What a Journey! Respect, Honor, and Love, with Warm Hugs to you All and your Families from Arizona! - Janet Nagle

More of the Courtland crew

Dedication...determination...strength...everything you touch, whispers "sacred". My humble thanks and all honor to you ! - Ruth Gerhardt

Warrior's of Peace
Thank you for your sacrifices and offerings of peace on this Holy day. They are healing our nation.

" I will be truthful.
I will suffer no injustice.
I be free from fear.
I will not use force.
I will be of good will to all men.
Mahatma Gandhi

- Annie Hansen


For Mankato
By Dakota Wicohan

The Dakota 38+ 2 Ride.. .
Meals for Dec 25th Dinner at 6pm
and Dec 26th Lunch at 1pm
at the United Methodist Chruch at 325 Sherman Street in Mankato. The corner of Blegrade and Sherman in North Mankato. 507-625-3759
If you are staying at the Best Western the front desk clerks will provide maps and directions.
Please bring a dish to share with the riders and supports. Pidamaya ye -

Oyate Duta Ob'Mani Jackson

For donations of $ or food please contact Darwin at 507-430-5246, He can direct you.

Remember, Dec 26 the meal at 1:00 pm is for the runners coming from Fort Snelling and the Riders coming from Lower Brule. - Keith Nichols

As you near the end of your journey, know that people all over the world are with you. You are honoring the ancestors in ways that may not even come to you until later..but, you will know. I send prayers for strength, healing, and understanding. - Vicki Williams Barry

Sending up prayers for a safe journey today :) Happy Holidays Riders of Dakota 38 + 2 :) - Wakinyan Nape Catka

Prayers for the riders who are sacrificing time with their families to brave the cold in memory of our ancestors. - Dina Eastman Canku


May all involved with this ride be blanketed in Harmony today; may your ride be safe and sound. Blessings and thank you for doing this -
Janet Roper

Paulette Riding

Today our relative from way up north in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, will be arriving in Mankato to be with you all. Please say hello to Shiloh Angeline and her friend who will be there this evening after three long days of travel. Shiloh shares that she felt the spirit moving her to be there. I told her that I would introduce her to sister Josette Peltier via FB since I can't be there. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Happy Holidays to all of the riders, horses, and supporters. See you tomorrow at Reconciliation Park! You are all inspiring! - Liz Ninetyninepercent Conner Ratcliff

First of all thank you to those who are honoring the 38 Dakota,may your day be blessed. I did have plans to meet the riders and runners in Mankato yet due to medical complications with my father I am unable to be there.I will pray for your family's as well as all those who make this ride of remembrance special. - . Daniel Wayne Mayotte.

Pamela, I think a lot of us are feeling like you are! Something about this ride has stirred me deeply since the first time I saw the video. (I think I have seen it about 5 times.) This year it has been like being there with the awesome day by day updates. I would like to make a committment to next year get it together to get some donations together and be with the ride to help cook. (That's one thing this pushing 60 year old can do; I can help cook!) - Diane R. Anderson

A group of Riders and Supporters

They reached Mankato - their goal. Ceremonies tomorrow

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38 Dakota Wokiksuye Jackets
Many riders and supporters who wear these received them as gifts from Josette and Jim Miller in the past years. Now you can have one as well..

The Design is by JB Weston (Dakota) of Flandreau. JB saw the design in a dream

Adult Carhartt Jacket w/full back & 150 year anniversary left chest emblem.
Price $151.00 add $10 shipping & handling Total $161.00

Without 150th anniversary emblem
Price $146.00 plus $10 s/h Total $156.00

Shelley Young
Stadium Sports. Mission, SD.
Debit or Credit cards accepted. .

Keep watching this space each day for news about t-shirts and hoodies...

I ordered a jacket today for Bruce and was told it would take two weeks. - Sheryl Dowlin

Spirits have been communicating even down to this design. - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

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