Dakota 38 + 2 Memorial Ride 2013 - Day 5

Today is December 14th 2013, and the fifth day of the Ride when the Riders will go 20 miles from Howard to Madison, South Dakota. If you look on the Community page below you can see information on the towns the Riders go to. (Minnesota being uploaded today)

I will continue adding the comments from the Face Book group members each day and any stories that come in from the Ride. At the bottom of the page you will see I will be adding extra pages, so please if you see a live link click on it to see what is on there.. Videos and positive items of interest are added to the left side column of the page.

Photo by Keith Nichols


Interesting evening. After supper. The movie"Older Than America" was shown. I felt that seeing it helps to bring awareness about the abuse that went on back then n still does in communities across the nation, even all over the world sad but true. Prayers for those who have been subject to any type of abuse. Thank you Richard Milda for speaking. May you all have a good night's rest n be ready for a good ride tomorrow. Love you all - .Josette Peltier

Last night after dinner we watched a movie that Perry brought, Older than America. It was very emotional and very relevant to everyone. We talked a bit afterwords about the movie and the multiple challenges that our native youth face today. We let them know that they are not alone and that many of the older riders have faced the same issues. We encouraged them to seek help and guidance if they needed it and that there are many elders on this ride who can help. Check out the trailer below. Thank you Perry. - Keith Nichols


I came across this poem today, and it really reminds me of our own Warriors. This poem goes back to the times of the Vikings and its about honor love forgiveness and the description of the horses , the crunch of their hooves in the snow, the snort of their breath in the icy air,the Warriors singing their songs and thinking long thoughts as the ride beacons them and their thoughts are of the next warm place and food and the smiles of those whom they love and whom love them. All of this drives them forward. They themselves are poetry in action and one day songs will be sung hundreds of decades after they are long gone, to the Green planet, and there will be so many that wished yes that wished they had been also on that golden ride. So here is a poem to inspire. Rest well riders, rest well beasts, you sleep in the cup of the Creators hand Raven, Rim of Fire Dec 13 Friday, a magical day - Nancy Kohn Raven

"Veturinn" (Winter) -- from the old Icelandic poem written by Bjarni Thorarensen

"Who rides with such fury
A fiery charger
Through the high heavens
A horse snow-colored?
The mighty steed
From his mane tosses
Frozen flakes
That flutter earthward.
Glowing glitters

His gray armor
On his shoulder there hangs
A shield ice-covered
On his head he wears
The helm of terror
The fearful Aegis
Frosty helmet He comes from the hoary
Haunts of midnight
Where the world force flows
From the well eternal
Where restless seas
Roar in breakers
On shores without spring
And summerless rocks.
He knows not of age

Though the oldest gods
Where his playmates ere
The earth was fashioned
The last world will die
And desolation
Veil the suns
Ere his way is ended.

The strong are strengthened
When his step approaches
The soft Earth grows firm
In his fierce embraces
The tears she wept
Are turned to diamonds
And her mourning garb
To a mantle of ermine...."

Spirit Braid in one of the Sanka Wakan's.

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Trailer for 'Older Than America'

So many songs and hours at my altar today.. so many prayers. Ride safety, oyate! -
Kayla Bluhm

Curt Lauret
Thank you for adding me to this site. May all involved have a safe and sacred ride.

Janet Nagle Blessings Gloria for doing a Great Job and sharing, Prayers with Sage and Sweet grass for all of us, as you make it possible for all of us to be able share this journey - Mitukuye Oyasin

Maria Menard
goodmorning to all.....wishing everyone & shunkawakans a blessed beautiful day for journey you take today! love thots & prayers frm ft washakie wyo

Vickie Blackeagle Williams
Thank you for accepting me. I watch the movies Dakota38 and was deeply touched as I could feel the healing of this ride. Prayers to the riders and all of those who are helping this ride happen.

Abby Peawhisle Even AFTER the Ride, you ALL, esp the younger ones, WILL REMAIN in our thoughts and PRAYERS. The Prayers just DON'T stop with the Ride. We carry EVERYONE involved in our hearts. You are NOT forgotten......Your Family just got bigger. Hugs and Blessings

Vicki Williams Barry
It's a rainy morning here, in South Louisiana, but that didn't stop me from offering tobacco for a safe journey.


For the Memorial riders
I call my fastest horse from the darkness
Horse wild as wolf teeth
Horse patient as stone
Horse who whispers to wind
From the West he comes
Pejuta Sunuka
Medicine Dog
Yah Yahhhhhhhhhhhh

- Nancy Kohn Raven


Eagle watches over the Riders


It was an Awesome day, we got to the relay exchange to wait for the riders and then then next leg of the riders (Ray Shepherds Tiwahe) to continue to Howard SD. When the riders were approaching the staff bearer was pointing up. A Bald Eagle was circling above and was following the riders. It was an amazing feeling for me as I thought about the Riders that are no longer with us. I took the picture and it seemed to be at arms length. I was soaring with the wambdi at that moment. This is what I meant that I had to do this. Feeling the Healing! - Kxsw-fm Dakotah-Radio


Hazel Hallum getting back on after her horse spooked sideways at an old tire in the morning ..after she got back on she walked her horse over to where she spooked before we continued...good horsewoman aho - Richard Milda

Honoring Josette

Josette Peltier being honored this morning for cooking on the Dakota 38+2...her last meal cooking for us this year. Wopila teuwi. Thank you sister Josette Peltier for taking care of the riders and supporters. Feeding our relatives is an act of love and is sacred.- Alberta Iron Cloud Miller and Richard Milda

Richard with the Staff, ready to Ride!




I have just gotten to know Arlene. What a wonderful woman. She wanted me to post this letter she wrote. I hope you enjoy. - Keith

Honor for the 38+2 the year 1862, December 26
Down through the centuries our Dakota Oyate revered a strong and spiritual belief which has brought us to this time again. We are a people of an unseen unity, the strongest of life’s cohesive unity – respect and honor as it has from the era of our ancestors beginnings to be etched in stone to give to our future generations so as to let them know who we are, our stature which in time will carry us to every future man, woman and child as is being given in likeness at this time. Our children and many young people will remember who we honor with the remembrance of this ride, to give to their Great Great Grand-Children what has brought us to this endurance of our lives. Respect, responsibility, reverence and re-birth won’t ever end as long as our ancestors blood lines continue down to everyone, the cohesive unity we were born and raised with, to never be forgotten, and will not ever end, because the pain lives in my heart and I weep bitterly.

Arlene Fire, Crow Creek Hunkpati

Josette Peltier made a commitment in prayer to help with the food on the ride. This sacred act continues to be shared amongst our people as an old tradition. My parents always taught us that the act of feeding people is sacred and signifies love for the people. When our family planned a feed my Ate would always tell us "put away that budget, open your pocket book, we're going to feed"! This sacred sharing has been a huge part of the ride. Looking back remember the winyan and the men who helped to cook and feed the riders and supporters. As winyan we are also taught to put good energy and love into the cooking so that everyone will receive a healing through the food as it is sacred medicine. Many thanks to all who provide the meals! - Alberta Iron Cloud Miller

Having a break before moving on again.



Richard and Keith working behind the scenes

Pony with his Pillow of hay


I simply love this. Thanks for the updates and putting up a daily photo summary on the webpage. I really look forward to seeing what each new day brings. Question: For next year's ride, I would like to help sponsor a rider. How can I arrange this? I think that adopting a rider would be an incredible family experience. Ride safe! I will send warm prayers from inipi tomorrow. - Sara EagleBoy


In answer to Sara's idea we will be working on it in the new year! - Gloria




I am at home, fireplace going, warm;... Reflecting on the past 24 hours or so. What a huge impact this timeframe has had on me! As we left the kc hall yesterday evening Zsakiah ( our 12 yr old) was so full of questions & concern. I I did my very best to explain the Dakota 38 Ride to the best of my ability. We were driving East headed home, when he asked if we could keep going to see if we could catch up with the riders whom utilized the nice weather to further their journey, I told him, "yes but they are at least 2 hours past now."

We drove to the 1st curve past 37 as he was inquiring about the dates, he stopped and told me, "but Mom?! that's past Christmas, you mean them kids I saw in town earlier and that girl that's Ambys age n well all of them like wont be home with family n presents n stuff? You mean they will really be riding on?! In the cold- it's winter!" His eyes are now welling up, I pull over to turn around and say to him that " these riders are sharing a great gift by doing this, one of hope for reconciliation and healing, this is HUGE son! " ( so now I find myself in tears with my little boy) as we head home I keep talking best I know how telling him they are " in ceremony" and what positivity this is creating, he finally smiles and tells me "even tho we didn't catch up to them tonight, I feel them, I feel proud for them" ....

I told him I was given the documentary earlier when he was at school and we would watch it all together to help us all get a fuller understanding.... he woke this morning eager to drive to town to hopefully just be in their presence briefly before school, he and Amberiah Smith carried in a few useful items and said "hello", and in return received hugs and lots of smiles, I had to get them to school but they wanted to stop by where the horses were first, what an honor to see a beautiful sight to start the day!
- Dawn Smith


In Madison tonight




Good morning everyone, safe ride today, you are all in my heart..... Good evening everyone, I love the posts, its so nice to see all of you, you all look so content, happy. Have a good night's rest and we will see you in a few days here in Pipestone. I will be praying and thinking of all of you.. - Alice Erickson



Shout out to my two cousins Mike Fasig & Steven Hansen as well as William Knapp. The 3 of them are currently delivering 10 bales of donated hay, for the Dakota Horses. It will take two trips from Minneapolis to Hudson Wi to Morton - Michelle Mills

All of these photos are the Riders galloping into Howard yesterday

Riding into Madison today


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