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Keeping the Quarries open for all Native Americans The Pipestone Issue fought by the Pipestone Dakota Community to keep the Status Quo of quarrying.
Pipestone story 1 The truth about the Pipestone issue. links on to the following page....
Pipestone story 2 Page 2 of the Pipestone issue
Pipestone story 3 The 2007 Pipestone Issue happening NOW
Catlinite Genuine or false?
Which stone do you want your Pipe made from? a page showing photos of the different quarries.
False Stone Quarries Where would you prefer to get your stone from for your sacred pipe.
Latest on the False stone Up to the minute news
Why pay for Pipestone Explanation of why Catlinite isn't free
Pipestone Quarriers Guild Membership is for the quarriers at the Pipesone National Monument only
Who is Chuck Biography - 2 pages
Derbys History of the family. Includes Moses Crow
Rumors another page about the false stone
Pipestone Pipes Intro to Pipes
The sacred Pipe A page written by Gloria that is a part of her new workshop about the Power of the Pipe
Museum This is how things were new designs will be coming in September
Ancient Voices Museum Gloria's museum on a different site. Coming to the Center in September
Visitors to the Museum Some of our visitors
Beads & Buckskins educational program Educational program - separate site
Frequently Asked Questions about Native Americans, Pipestone, and Pipes.
Pipestone Theme Park latest Updates on the proposed Theme Park for Pipestone
Council Circle of elders
Petroglyphs at the Pipestone National Monument
Shame at the Three Maidens Where did the Petroglyphs end up?
Old Visitors to Pipestone Cars and planes
Awards & words about and for our site
In Memory of some of our family members
Squirrely Our little friend
Arvol Looking Horse directive An article written by Arvol and the responses to it
Latest flare up - 2004 The latest problem for the Pipestone Dakota Community and the Pipe in 2004
Edu-tainment Interesting facts
Minnesota Tour Interesting places in Minnesota
Contacts How to reach us
Map to the Center See where we are located
Form To contact us with
Volunteers who help at the Center
Books You can buy Native American books via these pages.
Miracle Obituary for Miracle the White Buffalo Calf
History of family Since 1862 the Derby family have been quarrying this is their story
Chuck & Gloria in Europe Photos of both of us in Europe in 2004, 2005 & 2006
Donations The Center needs help this page says why
Workshops Various workshops put on by the Little Feather Center
Pipe making instructions Three pages of instructions
Links To other sites on the Internet
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