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May 30, 2000

Hello Little Feather, I'd like to thank you for making our travelling special! We came by with 12 people from Holland and we all had a great time passing through your museum. Thanks.

Mariska, The Netherlands, Jul 17, 2001
Note: Mariska visited the Center again in 2002, 2003 and 2004. and we have visited her in Holland in 2004

This is one site I will return to often. The information in your text is more detailed than I have found anywhere else. GREAT JOB! Again, Beautiful site. I would be very thankful for any and all help concering the sun dancers. - John, August 1999

This page has links to various Minnesota historical sites and state parks, and organizations that are important to the Native American Nations.

2002: We have made our own separate Pipestone site to give information about the town this will be listed below.

Our own site:
Pipestone Minnesota Information
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and other Dakota groups in Pipestone

Pipestone Pipes

Pipestone Dakota Tiospaye

Pipestone Catlinite Quarriers Guild

drawing of pipe

lower sioux agency
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The warehouse building at the Lower Sioux Agency

Next we move to the Lower Sioux Agency in Morton, MN. Here is an area rich in cultural history for the Dakota. In 1862 many lives were altered when in a small town called Acton, some Dakota youths stole some eggs and killed some settlers because the government had let them down and they and their families were starving. Many people were affected by these actions in Acton, and in a couple of days the revolt became overwhelming and spread as far as New Ulm and Lake Shetek. By December 26th, 1862 the revolt had ended, the Native warriors captured, and tried in a one-sided court process which most of them didn't understand. The president, Abe Lincoln, had been involved and 39 Dakota men were due to hung that day in Mankato in the biggest mass execution in the history of America.

All except one of the men were hung that day to the sound of their own death songs, and buried close to the river, near the spot where they were hung. By the next morning all of the bodies had been exhumed and taken. Some were taken to medical facilities for experimentation, some were taken as souvenirs, some were just taken by the angry mob. In recent years groups of people have been working on finding the remains of these victims of a world gone mad. Chuck and I worked on a committee for 4 years doing just this, and working to find a way to rest the Spirits of these 38 men plus 3 others who were also killed in similar circumstances. In 1997, at Birch Coulee on Memorial day weekend, a Medicine Man performed a ceremony that had not been seen in over 100 years, to help these Spirits move on in peace. We watched in awed silence the flashing lights up in the trees that surrounded us, we listened to the drum and we knew that Spirit was pleased with the ceremony. It was a great honor to be there to witness spiritual history taking place.

To learn more about what is known as the Minnesota Uprising of 1862 you can visit the Lower Sioux Agency Museum where they have a very big area dedicated to this part of Minnesota Dakota history. The grounds are also interesting to walk around and the museum often puts on demonstrations and exhibits of other Dakota items.

Their web site is located HERE

For various other historic sites please go to this link


In November, 2004 the 2nd Dakota Commemorative March took place from the Lower Sioux Reservation in Morton, to Fort Snelling. This March followed the route that the Dakota walked in 1862. These were mostly women, children and elders. Many of them were killed along the way. This march was first completed in 2002 by people who are descendants of the Dakota who walked in 1862, and will again take place in 2006.

For more details please click HERE

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Camden State Park

Split Rock Creek Park

Lake Shetek Park

State Parks Information


Photo copyright Minnesota Historical society

Jeffers Petroglyphs

Ancient carvings in rock, a must see!

federal inter agency graphic
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Federal Inter-agency which provides information for Native American Communities.

MN Indian Affairs Council
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Minnesota Indian Affairs Council
Mission statement: 'to protect the sovereignty of 11 Minnesota Tribes and the well-being of American Indian people throughout Minnesota.'
Information on all of Minnesota's Tribal Nations

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'IThe Little Feather Center is an excellent way to promote not only the beauty of the Native American heritage and culture but keeps us informed on current issues affecting Indian country. - Arthur, South Dakota, August 2002

received your newsletter and logged on last night to discover both the tour and the pipe-making workshop! I can’t come! I cried a lot!! Anyway, by this morning I’d got over weeping and resolved to come some time next year. You will hold another workshop on pipe-making won’t you Chuck? There is nothing I want to do more than to sit by your side and make a pipe.' - TJ, South Africa. Feb 2003.

We took a trip and visited you all last winter, We have all been thinking about you all a lot and just wanted you to know how much visiting you has meant to us, we came in with the Raven with a bad wing she now is flying, thanks for the information you gave us on the Raptor Center, we wish you all well, and if we can ever help ya out let us know, with all our hearts. - The ODDer clan, November, 2002


Thank you Gloria. I recieved the name of the Little Feather Indian Center by Ed McGaa through a chance e-mail. I am traveling through pipestone Sept. 13, 14 with my almost 18 year old son as he follows his mother in search of that which is searching for her. I hope to stop and learn of the pipes and order one. I was sad earlier today, very sad and thought of leaving the path that my medicine woman is guiding me on. I am encouraged by the site. Thank you, Fyrstartyr.


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