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Arizona Sweat Deaths

Grave of Chuck's Great, Great Grandfather that we found last week in Sisseton. He was a scout in the 1860's.

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This is an editorial written in July 1988 by Barry Amundson. It was published in the 'Pipestone County Star' Newspaper on July 21st 1988. I am putting this on the web to show that Chuck is who he says he is, and has been the spokesperson for the Pipestone Dakota Community for a long time.

I am so sick of certain people telling lies about Chuck. So when I saw this editorial in the files I decided to put it on the site. There are other newspaper articles that were in various papers over the years, but I chose this one as it says exactly what Chuck is like.

Recently a man visited us at the Center who was interested in writing a piece about Pipestone, he was looking for information so came and spoke to Chuck and asked him many questions. He said that he believed everything Chuck said because he had looked through the old newspapers in the archives and Chuck has never changed his story, he is saying the same things now as he has through the years. Other people however change their story with the weather.

The article follows:

"When times are troubling, some people have the inner strength to lead others.

In the past few months, there has been an effort by a group of traditional Indian religion people to stop the sale of pipestone here and to regain the quarry land for the Yankton Sioux.

But those issues have not set well with the group of about 100 local Indian pipemakers and their families.

Their leader in fighting against the effort has been Chuck Derby, a pipemaker himself and an employee at the Monument.

He is truly a leader.

He has not only been an articulate and soft-spoken leader for the local Indian group, but he has also shown courage.

It was not an easy thing to deliver a van load of food to the group of walkers when they arrived here Saturday night. It was simply an act of goodwill.

It was not an easy thing to do to meet with the group, at their gathering Sunday, and discuss the issues with the group.

Derby knows that the group would put an end to their livelihood here if the sale of pipestone is some day stopped.

Yet, he showed goodwill and courage by meeting with the group.

That's the sign of a true leader

What motivates Mr. Derby?

He is simply just filled with compassion for the local Indian people. He cares about them and their future.

Pipestone has been home to many of the local Indian families for three generations or more. They don't want to leave.

Chuck doesn't want to leave either.

Many of the local Indians have a lot of respect for their leader. Others in the Pipestone community should respect this man too.

He deserves it."

21st July 1988 by Barry Amundson

This is the actual article, it didn't come out very clear in the scan so I decided to type it so that it could be read.


A link to Chucks bio is HERE

The following piece came from the Pipestone County Star, September 2001


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