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Arizona Sweat Deaths

Grave of Chuck's Great, Great Grandfather that we found last week in Sisseton. He was a scout in the 1860's.



High Density Hawk Award
The Hawk Award

This award is from High Density Computing. Pidamiya Koda for this great award.

May 30, 2000

'I received your newsletter and logged on last night to discover both the tour and the pipe-making workshop! I can't come! I cried a lot!! Anyway, by this morning I'd got over weeping and resolved to come some time next year. You will hold another workshop on pipe-making won't you Chuck? There is nothing I want to do more than to sit by your side and make a pipe.' - TJ, South Africa. Feb 2003.

I've been cutting my catlinite pipestone with handsaws, coping saws and I've even tried with a 2 speed jigsaw. I keep destroying the saw blades rather quickly. What type of blade can you suggest that will make a good cut without losing the teeth off of it so fast? -
D 2002

(needless to say we told this gentleman that the stone he had wasn't the real Catlinite, but this is typical of calls and letters we used to get back in the early 90's before we started putting the information out about the 'False' stone. )


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Labelled with ICRA

On this page we wish to show some of the awards we have received for this site over the years and also add some comments that have been made by our visitors and customers. (I hadn't updated for a while so just went through some of last months emails to find a few new ones. They are mixed in with the older ones. Gloria - September 2009)

It is so heartwarming to hear you speak so truthfully about the sacredness of the catlinite. Honored am I, that there are still those left, who carry the vision of Buffalo Woman in the hearts..Walali (thankyou) TaHO

Mother Bear USA Jul 20 2001

I had the chance to visit your center in 2000 and loved meeting you both. I purchased some pipestone and am getting ready to make my pipe. It has taken this long for the right design to come to me. Thanks for your kindness and encouragement. The only thing is that I have lost the instruction page that you gave me but I don't foresee any problems. Thanks again and may the creator watch over you.

Dale Gregory USA Sep 22 2001
I've visited your site several times, and I read that Chuck's health has not been good (but thankfully improving). I'm interested in obtaining some stone to make my own pipe. I respect what you do, and the lifestyle you preserve, so I want to buy only authentic stone.

John, July 2009



Your article on Pipestone answered questions I hadn't even asked yet-Thank You and keep up the Good Work ......Ray, U.S.A, Jun 19 2001
golden web award
December 2001: We were just awarded the Golden Web Award from the 'International Association of Web Masters and Designers. Thank you very much to the Committee members who honored us..
Only the best sites are voted to receive the Golden Web Award. The criterion for winning remains a challenge to even the best Webmaster, artists and designers. That being said, the primary benefit of the Golden Web Award is the recognition of your commitment to the pursuit of website excellence. Further, it represents that your work is considered an outstanding website, incorporating high standards of design, originality and content. Most importantly, the Golden Web Award lets others know you're viewed as a respected professional by your peers, one who is deserving of recognition.

"By the way I loved your story of the Jasper quarries. I purchased some stone at a Pow Wow here in Arkansas that I have a hunch came from there. I was assured that it could be shaped with a "butter knife". Well, these people must have better butter knives in their kitchens than I have in mine because I had trouble cutting this stuff with a carbon saw."

This is a quote from one of our visitors to the site. We were given permission from him to use it. Thanks Pups59

stop the hate picture with peace pipe

Hi Chuck and Family, My family attended the Pow Wow you hosted on Sunday. The Grand Entrance honoring Vets was awesome. Everyone involved in the running of this event are to be commended. Looking forward to talking to you more about it.

Rich Gergen, USA Jul 31 2001

Joanne and I attended your pow wow and really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for allowing us to dance with you, for feeding us, and for your friendship and hospitality. You are truly a beautiful people with a beautiful heart. When you have another pow wow please e-mail me and let me know, I would be honored to attend again. Once again, Thank you.

Melanie Larson, USA, Aug 7 2001

Well Chuck and Gloria we got home safe and sound. Thank you for allowing us to join the Quarriers Guild and for taking up the fight to protect us and the Pipestone quarrys. You two are true warriors! The passion you two have for protecting the people and the ways makes me feel honored to know you and to be apart of this movement. If you ever need us we will be there as we hope all who care will also be there. Baamaa Pii. Mel and Kris

Melvin Dunn, Native, Jun 27 2001

"Hello! I was performing a websearch for a pipe, and was lucky enough to find your wonderful, informative site. I appreciate what you are doing to preserve and promote the great Truths! "

Another visitor to the site stated these words. Thankyou Bonnie

excellence award from heather
Thanks Heather for this award, it means a great deal to us. 1998
" I did not know about the false pipestone, explains a lot. We had been gifted some red stone that was said to have come from the sacred quarries. But was so brittle, when we started to work it, it just cracked and splintered." Michael

The posts above and below are just two of the hundreds we get in every year complaining about the false stone.

We feel so bad for the people expecting that stone to be good and trying to make their pipes from it only to find it is no good.

It is awful that so many have to experience the false stone.

I visited your center in Aug, 01 Found it to be informative and very friendly. Since I was away from home you made me feel welcome. Thanks. Remember we are all brothers and sisters, and it is important that we walk the walk and talk the talk so that there will be peace and harmony in our lives. Thank You Grand Father.

Phil White, USA, Aug 19 2001

I was happy to find your site as I have been looking for catlinite and no one locally can get it. I would be very concerned now that I might end up with some of the false stone.
Remember the spirit always has a way of dealing with those that misuse things
Nannette Keating, USA ,Apr 16 2001

I have in the past used stone from ......... I am tired of being ripped off by this guy!!!! with stone you could not cut with a diamond bit, or stone that is so fractured it is not usable, I don't make hundreds of pipes usually just a couple a year. - Marvin, May 2003
peace award

spirit of wisdom and education award from  Shaz
shoot for the moon diamond award from Laine
This award was given by SHAZ in 1998 for the educational content. This was shown on our old site. Since that time we have added more information to the site. Thanks Shaz from us all here at the Center.
December 2001: "Congratulations ..You are a Shoot for the Moon award winner. Given to excellent sites with great content and design. Love your site, I'll be back when I have more time."

December 19, 2001, 'The Superior Eagle cannot be applied for it only goes to very special sites and I found your site special.. Display them with Pride you have Earned them!!! '

What a great honor to get this award thank you so much Timber Carver.

superior eagle award from Timber Carver

Might you have any information about either of these outlets as to whether the Pipestone they sell is Catlinite?

Always know that we honor your walk and your work on behalf of all the people.

Mitakuye Oyasin
J & MH - August 2009

golden award for writing from Scarlet letter
This award was given to us in 1998 for the writing content on the site. Thank you Scarletletter for this surprise award.

I visited the sacred quarries 10 years ago, I yearn to return. Thank you for helping to keep the vision alive.....Rick Remington, KY, USA, Aug 3 2001

A most informative site hope you much success in all that you are trying to accomplish...... George L. Dyson Sr ,United States, Jul 26 2001

What a wonderful site I feel calm and free in the universe just going from page to page. ....Jan, US, Jul 7 2001

What a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing information on Catlinite and mining. I will be even more respectful of Catlinite in the future thanks to you. I want you to know I was referred to your site from Oneal Smith. Thanks, Tereia Acre, USA (Kentucky), Apr 7 2001

MY mothers maiden name is Catlin and I am a distant relative of George Catlin. we are having a reunion next month and I heard about catlinite wanted to check it out and let everyone know...... Peter Paska, Jun 15 2001

When you say that pipestone can heal, well that is so true. I had blistered my right hand that has healed much faster because of the pipestone that I was working....... Allan Buckley, USA, May 29 2001

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Pipestone last year with a friend. I just completed my pipe and followed the directions on your website. Anyway thank you for your time and your commitment to enriching the world. - MM August 2009

Hi, Gloria and Chuck, How is the center going I see you have expanded the website. It looks great! I would like to say that you both are forever in my heart and I hope that I will be able to come and visit again......Samantha, Canada, Jun 25 2001

I've tried to carve my own pipe for prayer work before but the stone was very hard and eventually it broke. I thanked Wakan Tanka and asked to be shown why it broke. After reading this site I'm thinking that maybe I was sold a fake stone. Andrea, Oklahoma, October 20 2001

Thank you for the skill with which you present your products. There are no big marketing schemes, just the simple truth. That is a good thing for people on the internet to discover. Beth, MN. November 14, 2001

In the past I have purchased a red pipestone in trading post in Germany, but it was so hard, that making of a pipe was unpossible. I think, that it was not true catlinite. I was very glad after finding of your site.The information there are very valuable. - Lukas, Czech Republic, Europe. June 13, 2002

Thank you, both, for your efforts upon this site. It is extremely well done and informative. Thank you, for extending your time and energies to this site. Walk with the Sun; Dance with the Moon; Sing with the Stars; But always...Run with the Wind. - Snow Owl, Nevada. December 8, 2001

Thank you for your continued educational and informational efforts to protect the Pipestone quarries from those who would misuse, abuse and deplete this precious resource! - Kathleen, Indiana, April 2002

I have been reading through your websites. There are many beautiful things and people, much useful info. I would like to drive up for one weekend, perhaps Memorial Day weekend, or Labor Day weekend, and stay at your bed & breakfast, and learn what I can about the different traditions from you - Jeff. Ohio, April 2003

A few years ago my brother had sent me a piece of pipestone and it was soft and very easy to shape. This year he sent another piece and it is, I'll use the term "hard as a rock", I am having a lot of trouble shaping it. - November 2002

I did get some of the fake stone that you mentioned from a seller on eBay. I don't know what in the world it was that he sent me, but it wasn't the real deal. When I'm able to do so, I should probably send the stone that I got from eBay to you to look at. Thanks again, - Del June 2002

Laines unique site award
awesome site award by Moonbud
Dec 2001: Thanks Laine This award is appreciated
Nov 2001: Thanks Moonbud for this great award
I keep meaning to write and thank you for the time you gave to my wife, granddaughter and I.
I have had the opportunity to view your pipe video, very very good, and completely informative.
Thanks again for your time and generous attention during our visit to your Center.
Many prayers to you, your family and this falls quarry work. May it go well in the best of Creators way.
I and M NB
August 2009

We took a trip and visited you all last winter, We have all been thinking about you all a lot and just wanted you to know how much visiting you has meant to us, we came in with the Raven with a bad wing she now is flying, thanks for the information you gave us on the Raptor Center, we wish you all well, and if we can ever help ya out let us know, with all our hearts. - The ODDer clan, November, 2002

This is one site I will return to often. The information in your text is more detailed than I have found anywhere else. GREAT JOB! Again, Beautiful site. I would be very thankful for any and all help concering the sun dancers. - John, August 1999

The Little Feather Center is an excellent way to promote not only the beauty of the Native American heritage and culture but keeps us informed on current issues affecting Indian country. - Arthur, South Dakota, August 2002

I just checked in on your website. I am sorry to read about Chuck's illness, but glad to see that he is recovering I am hoping to swing by there on the way back home from Sundance on Pine Ridge in August. The main reason for writing this is to ket you know that you are both (and the Center) in our prayers and thoughts. Pilamayalo! - David T, Ohio. June 2009

Will you send me more information, how to get genuine pipestone. I do see "pipe stone" for sale on the web, large pieces. One was 29 pounds, cut off a much larger piece. I question its authenticity. - Alice M August 2002

I'm B Z,13, and I live in NJ. is my first time on your web site and I'll keep coming back, because it has a lot of details and information. What actually inspired me to look into the culture, was the movie with Kevin Costner, "Dances With Wolves". - 2002
(2009: BZ might be interested to know that we have one of the buffalo from the movie in our museum now)

I went to a rock shop, and bought pipestone there. Whoops. Out of three large stones, I got one nice pipe, and never got anything else out of it bigger than my thumb. Little has frustrated me more than three pipes falling apart right after I get the rough shape. I enjoyed your site very much, and would like to visit Pipestone some time.
- Tom 2002

Very well designed website !! Besides being very informative, user friendly. - Phill 2002

Hi writing to you from Nottingham, UK. Found your wonderful site while searching for genuine pipestone, I am very impressed and it's good to know your authenticity and how genuine you are compared to some (not all) other native american sites. Carl, 2003

I spent a lot of time reading your webpage tonight and thank you for the reverence and care with which you bring your story and tradition to others. I also thank you for the respect you showed me when I came to you and for the gift of the new pipe stem.
- JW 2004

Thank you for replying to my email even though I didn't get my stone from you.... I wish I had, for I am sure now it is not Catlinite.
- VW 2008

O.S. gave me your site, I think it one of the most attractive on the web!

After years of always wanting to visit Pipestone I finally made the drive last July. It seems that I did not see the best part though. I seemed to miss entirely your great looking museum. Judging by your website it would be well worth another trip. - 2002

I have gained a wealth of knowledge on your web site and feel again the pull of the Great Spirit directing me to your site for knowledge and understanding. - Jim, October 2001

Osyio, I am in need of a piece of pipestone, collected the proper way for a special pipe I must make. I prefer to make this purchase from you over anyone else that sells the sacred stone. Thank you so very much for having the center where many may learn and experience the pipe and all it means. Wado,
B C August 2009

Just a note to announce that the pipestone looks happy and healthy after the beeswax and buffing treatment you prescribed. Thank you for your enduring guidance and quick action. Sincerely, - Mark. November 2002

My name is W S and I have been planning a trip to come see you for some time..... So, with absolute respect and sincerity to the both of you, I would like to know when and where I could meet with you I would love to just drive up there tonight. -
WS August 2009
(WS did come up to meet us and stayed a couple of days!)

Your web master did a great job. The pages are informative and interesting and researched.- TP, August 21, 1999

I'm back at work and wanted to thank you again for welcoming me with open arms when I stopped in at the center with my new pipe. It is so special that I not only got to meet you and your partner but that your dad made the pipe. - Susan WI, August 1999

I would like to congratulate you on one of the finest websites I have ever visited. Not only for it being extremely well put together but also for it's content and accuracy. - Steve Feb 7th, 2002

I found your excellent web page and have been searching for catlinite that is qurried in the old way, by natives from pipestone MN. As you showed on your site, there are alot of tricksters out there that dont care, they just want money. - Jeff P Sept 2009

From your website I am sure that you have the true stone. I applaud your efforts in maintaining your heritage! Now I do not know if some of my other pieces are the true stone. - Carl August, 2005

Thank you Gloria. I recieved the name of the Little Feather Indian Center by Ed McGaa through a chance e-mail. I am traveling through pipestone Sept. 13, 14 with my almost 18 year old son as he follows his mother in search of that which is searching for her. I hope to stop and learn of the pipes and order one. I was sad earlier today, very sad and thought of leaving the path that my medicine woman is guiding me on. I am encouraged by the site. Thank you, Fyrstartyr.

December 19, 2001 'Congratulations, you have a really "GREAT" site, here is the Award'


Thanks for this great award Timber Carver.
gold eagle of excellence award from Timber Carver
Hello Little Feather, I'd like to thank you for making our travelling special! We came by with 12 people from Holland and we all had a great time passing through your museum. Thanks.

Mariska, The Netherlands, Jul 17, 2001
Note: Mariska visited the Center again in 2002, 2003 and 2004. and we have visited her in Holland in 2004

From Friends members:

I was introduced to Chuck at Native American Educational Trust, England, open day by J K. Thanks for newsletter. - Sharon, Fife Scotland, May 2002.

'Chuck helped me to locate the exact quarry that my first Cannupa came from......I was able to do a wonderful small ceremony there and to add MY OWN flesh and blood to that of my ancestors.' Michael, MO. Feb 2003

I first learned about the Little Feather Center well over 2 years ago now I guess. I enjoy visiting via Internet and seeing all that goes on there. That is one reason I sincerely hope to be able to visit in person. - Esther, California - April 2003

I hope to someday soon visit the Center in person. But for now, the internet will have to do. Thank you for this chance (the newsletter) to connect with people of like minds! Meegwetch. - Christine, Canada, May 2002

I did enjoy the newsletter a lot! It wasn't anything like I had expected...it was better! hehe! Nice to hear from you and I'm happy I get to read your newsletters! - Sheena IN May 2002

I really love this web site and after doing an exhaustive search, it was worth the wait! - SW, CO. May 2002

Thanks for a very pleasant tour through your site. - DP NM, June 2002

I think you have a great site. I've been all over it. Everything is interesting and well done. Keep up the good work. - J.C. LeC KY, July 2002

Since originally writing to you, I discovered an incredible web site that I absolutely love. The pipe instructions and pictures, the finished pipes, the honorable way it was written... After getting this email from you I realized that it is your web site. Wow! Thank you for putting that gift out there. - Blue Water, August 2003


September 2009: This photo says it all, everything that we work for at the Center is depicted in this young man's reverence for the stone, the genuine stone, the real Catlinite, that was quarried by hand in one of the sacred quarries at the National Monument; the Great Red Stone Quarry!

This man drove from Missouri all night just to get this small piece of spirituality, of history, of tradition, he then sat with it for a long time in quiet meditation.

I took this photo while he was meditating, during another part of the day, I asked him afterwards if that was OK, he said it was, he like us wants to preserve the integrity of the true Catlinite, as he himself had previously bought a piece of the false stone, he said the difference in the two stones was amazing. Like night and day!

This photo shows why the Center is around, why we promote the true stone, why we put our necks out and our heads on the block. Catlinite and the quarries are our passion, our life and our spiritual calling.

Thanks to all of you for supporting us.


May 30th, 2000. To end this page we wish to reiterate that no-one from the Original Pipestone Dakota Tiospaye is making money through the stone, they are actually working at a loss. We have recently worked out how much it costs the quarrier and pipe maker to get the stone up and the final article made and when the total of how much should be charged is shown we were all amazed to see that the quarrier is losing money. Please see this report HERE

Normally we have a link to our webrings here, but the Rings of today are nothing like those of the past ten years, they are now all full of advertising and porno and so we will not be linking to them anymore. Sorry if you like looking thru them but we do not want the negativity of some of them coming onto our site. If you came here from a Ring site hit the back button to see if you can return to the same place you started.
Thanks for visiting us!

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