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Thank you Solomon

Thank you for the skill with which you present your products. There are no big marketing schemes, just the simple truth. That is a good thing for people on the internet to discover.
Beth, MN. November 14, 2001


Thank you for your continued educational and informational efforts to protect the Pipestone quarries from those who would misuse, abuse and deplete this precious resource! -
Kathleen, Indiana, April 2002

Thank you, both, for your efforts upon this site. It is extremely well done and informative. Thank you, for extending your time and energies to this site. Walk with the Sun; Dance with the Moon; Sing with the Stars; But always...Run with the Wind. -
Snow Owl, Nevada. December 8, 2001

Which would you prefer?

If you were obtaining sacred red stone for your Ceremonial Pipe where would you like it to come from?

quarry 1
top of quarry

Pipestone quarry


(up to date pictures of the Pipestone quarries below).

The first two are where at least 90% of all the red stone sold in the world today comes from. If you obtained your stone from a Rock Shop, Gem Shop, or Trading Post in the past 20 years you are more than likely getting stone from the first quarry. If you have obtained some cheaply in Pipestone in the past 10 years, or on EBay in the past 8 years then it probably comes from the second quarry.

Neither of these are mined by Native Americans, they are not mined with hand tools, and they are definitely not mined or cut with reverence

The third picture shows the top of a quarry at the Pipestone National Monument. This is one of the ancient quarries, where only Native Americans mine with hand tools, with prayer and reverence. This stone constitutes only a small percentage of the stone that is in circulation today. We would guess only about 1% comes from the ancient quarries in Pipestone.

True Pipestone/Catlinite can be easily cut with a hacksaw, even a regular knife. If the stone that you have will not cut easily, breaks your tools, quickly dulls your blade, cracks or similar mishaps happen, then the stone you have is not pure Catlinite.

To Gem Store and Rock Shop Owners:

Dear Owner,

If you stock red pipestone in your store would you please ensure that it comes from the Pipestone quarries, and has been quarried by Native Americans. If you cannot verify that the stone is from the ancient quarries but still sell it as such then you will continue to perpetuate a fraud.

We have recently heard that the person who is selling the false stone has been saying to rock shop owners that if anyone else comes in trying to sell them stone from Pipestone that it will be false and to have nothing to do with them. He says that he is the only one with the genuine stone. This is an outright lie and needs to be exposed, the exact opposite is actually true. Right now as I write this there are plans going ahead by a Native American body that will enable the true Catlinite quarriers the ability to prove that their stone is genuine. Unless the person selling the stone to you, the buyer, has that proof then do not buy it as it will NOT be Catlinite, the real pipestone. This man will definitely NOT have that proof. He is NOT a Native American and so he is NOT and never will be in the Pipestone Quarriers Guild. Only Native Americans are allowed to quarry for stone in the ancient quarries, non-natives/non-enrolled people are not even allowed to lend a hand. Quarrying in Pipestone is purely a Native American undertaking.

Many people come to our Center, personally or via the internet and phone and they complain about the stone that they are getting from stores such as yours. We know when they tell us the problem, that the stone that they have obtained is not the genuine Catlinite, which is what they had expected it to be. The stone that they are getting comes from the Jasper quarries and is not the correct stone to use for Pipes and sacred objects.

We have no problem with you selling the red stone as long as you do not sell it as true pipestone (Catlinite) after all you have probably bought it from a salesperson yourself and now need to make your money back. However unless you know for certain that it does come from the ancient quarries in Pipestone, Minnesota, and not from 12 miles along the road in Jasper, please tell your customers that it isn't the stone that Indians use for their pipes, and has not been quarried reverently by a Native American using hand tools. If they still want the stone then at least you have told them that it isn't Catlinite.

Thank you very much for your co-operation

Chuck Derby

(for the Original Pipestone Dakota Tiospaye)

The Little Feather Center guarantees the stone that we have. It has all been quarried by Chuck and his family at the Ancient quarries.

Chuck Derby is a proud Founder

pipestone quarriers guild
Master Quarrier

Logo © Copyright Gloria Hazell 2000 - 2007

Be assured that the pipestone you get from us is the Genuine stone from the sacred quarries. It is the same stone that the original pipestone pipes were made from.

Chuck starting to quarry in mid September 2006.
Here is is moving the dirt out of the way so that he can access the quartzite layers. Just this part of the job is time consuming and hard work. Each bucketful of dirt has to be taken out and put onto a pile at the back of the quarry area. here he is quite close to the top of the quarry.

A month later: Now look at the difference. Chuck is standing on the level where he can extract the Pipestone Catlinite. He has another foot to go down and at this point he is standing in water and mud that he has to work in. The stone behind him is Sioux Quartzite that he has removed from the quarry it is of course all unusable, it cannot be cut.


317 4th Street North East, Pipestone Minnesota USA
littlefeather4 at hotmail dot com