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Grave of Chuck's Great, Great Grandfather that we found last week in Sisseton. He was a scout in the 1860's.

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2008 - We have to apologize to those of you who have contacted Chuck over the past few months if he hasn't got back to you. He has been ill and has been doing all he can to get well. I (Gloria) came back from England in September (08) only to find him really sick, so I got him to the doctor and we found out that as well as his diabetes really being bad, he had an ulcer and he had galls stones. Before anything else could be done his diabetes had to be controlled and so he was put on insulin, that eventually got him back on the right track again and so then the ulcer had to be dealt with. A week before he had surgery for the gall stones he pulled his back out and so was having difficulty getting around. When he went for the operation to remove his gall bladder we were really worried in case they hurt his back, but they were very good and I think the morphine he was on helped his back as well! He is now having treatment for his back. So two and a half months after I got back his problems were all taken care of, and all he had to do was take it easy and get well. That is the joke of the century, Chuck taking it easy, that'll be the day! But as long as he is healing well I can now stop being a nurse and get on with dealing with the website!

The big problem is that he hasn't been able to quarry, and so has no stone available, not even for himself to use. He is hoping to get down there to do some work around May, but until then he has to just wait. Nico returned from Holland in September to add to the filming for the next DVD but Chuck couldn't do anything on that either. We were all so worried about him. I did contact a lot of people worldwide and started off a prayer circle, and I know that worked because you would never think that 3 months ago he looked like he was at death's door. He has regained some weight, has now been taken off the insulin because after the surgery his blood sugars went way down and are continuing to stay that way, his ulcer has gone and his back is 80% better. So THANK YOU to everyone who joined in that circle we both really appreciate you caring about him. We also thank everyone for their good wishes for his recovery in emails.

We now have to catch up on emails that were never answered and DVD's that were never sent out, and we thank you for your patience. If you haven't heard from us, but did send us an email for a DVD. could you please email again as I probably missed you, or it didn't get to us. Thanks

The Dakota Reconcilliation Ride for the 38 + 2 came through Pipestone on the 17th December. The community came together with help from neighboring friends to give them a dinner, a breakfast the following morning, and to take care of the horses for the night, before they moved on again. Some stayed at the Little Feather center for the night and others stayed at the American Legion Hall. They were riding from the Lower Brule Reservation in South Dakota to Mankato, Minnesota where they would do ceremony to remember and honor the 38 Dakota who were hung there in the biggest mass hanging in America's history in 1862, and two other Dakota hung a couple of years later.

Chuck went to Mankato to meet up with them and participate in the ceremonies on Christmas day and the 26th December.

Facebook group

You can read more at Dakota 38+2


The Ride did come through Pipestone again in 2009. We have been asked by the leaders of the Ride to again work with them as we did last year. They were impressed by the food the Pipestone Dakota Community set up and the overnight stay for the Riders, supporters and Horses that we organized.

April 2008:

Over the past few months filming has gone on at the Center. Nico came over from the Netherlands and filmed hours of footage of Chuck, this he took back to Holland and he has edited this footage into 3 DVD's, the first (which is actually number 2 in the Wakan Sota series) will be available in May 2008. It is called 'Sacred Smoke; The Making of the 'T' or Plains Pipe' and it shows Chuck making a Pipe from start to finish, including the stem. It is a great educational tool for anyone wanting to make their own pipe. Nico has done a wonderful job on capturing every aspect of this process, and Chuck did a marvelous job of presenting it. We are at present taking orders for the DVD's, the cost will be $20 each title plus p&p. If you are interested in ordering a copy please email us at littlefeather4@hotmail.com and we will put you on the list.

Sacred Smoke DVD
The other DVD's will be:
#1: 'Ancient Tracks; the History of Pipestone as told by a Dakota Elder', (available NOW - September 2009)
#3: 'And the Stone Sings; Quarrying the Sacred Stone'
both presented by Chuck
#4: 'Ancient Voices; An Honoring of Extraordinary Native American Woman'.
Presented by Gloria

WE had hoped that these DVD's would be ready by the end of the year, (2008) but due to Chuck's illness they have had to be posponed. However you can order a copy now if you like. Each of the DVD's will run for approximately an hour, they are for any age group and are able to be played in most countries.

We now have Gloria's Ancient Voices museum set up in the front of the Center, this is to honor the achievements of Native American women and it has been set up by Gloria with help from Nico, Janine and Chuck. The grand opening will be in May 2008.

This was the start of the Ancient Voices Museum, knocking a wall down and open spaces
With reworked electricity, a lick of paint, a platform area and exhibits the above two photos became the below two photos.

And at the back of the Center the photographic exhibit of the 'Dakota Images 1862 - 1868' is up and running, as well as the regular museum being re-designed, do please stop by and see all of the new things that have been added.

Left: The Main exhibit of the redesigned Museum

Right: Part of the Dakota Images exhibit

Our opening times during the summer months are going to be:
10am - 6pm Monday thru Saturday, 1pm - 4 pm Sundays.

When it starts to become cold the hours will change to:
Friday - Sunday 12 - 4p.m.

Or by appointment.

If you arrive out of those hours please check the trailer next door.

Most Saturday at 11 a.m. we will be serving Indian Tacos in the Center. The back room will be used for the dining area until around 3 p.m. Ancient Voices will still be fully open during this time.

August 4th 2007: Ever since we had the 'Sacred Circle of Life' exhibit at the Center back in 1997 we have wanted to show it again, however it was given to another museum. During the past month we have been working on a project to bring it back in a different format. We have had help with this from Cindy a visitor to this site who hails from Idaho. She actually worked on putting many links onto a webpage for us. Gloria has formatted the page and you will find it here (the page will open in a new window so that you don't lose this page). We were extremely pleased to get the permission from the Minnesota Historical Society to use these photos as a new exhibit here in the Ancient Tracks museum. We hope that you would like to help us in this project. Details are on the webpage. Thanks in advance.

June 20th 2007: Chuck met with the protesters and explained the situation from the Quarriers and Pipe makers point of view. He told them the process of quarrying, and gave them information about the false stone. They asked why this stone can be sold under the Catlinite or Pipestone name, however they still decided that Pipes should not be sold even though Chuck had given them information about only paying for the time to quarry and make the pipe. It didn't seem to penetrate. All of the info on this website was given to them verbally yet it made no difference. For some reason they still hold to the belief that someone is making money on the stone. Also at the meeting was Chuck's cousin Lee Taylor who reiterated what Chuck was saying, and Superintendent LaRock from the Monument. The meeting lasted a few hours. Updates will be put on here once we hear anything new.

June 5th 2007: The site has been changed to this new design. Not all pages have the full listing of links, this page does as well as the site map page that you could keep open while you browse so that you can see what each page is about. We decided to go with the four sacred colors rather than stay with the usual pipestone/brown color. We hope that you like it.

June 1st 2007: Bad news! The Pipestone Issue has again been awakened by a few people and the quarries and the Pipe are again in danger. Those of us who have worked against the denigration of the quarries, quarriers and crafts-people are again having to fight to stop the lies from being spread. Keep watching this page for more details. Due to this we have decided to reinact the old website that had a lot of information about the Pipestone Issue and related subjects. Gloria is working on it as we speak so please come back in a few days and read up on the latest.

If you are a quarrier or craftsperson please contact us for further details about what you can do.


While working on the updated website Gloria came across a page she had written for our newsletter ten years ago. We felt it was very pertinant to this new Pipestone Issue. Please take a look at it HERE It will open in a new window.

May 27th 2007: After discussions with Gloria we have decided to put the Ancient Voices museum in the Center. It will take up almost all of the front area. Ancient Tracks will be in the back of the Center. The virtual museum will still be on the internet and will stay there. Our building will still be called Little Feather Center, but the Museums will have their own names. Gloria is at present working on putting the museums together from England, others will be working on it with her and it will be set up in September. Keep watching this space for details.

Thanks to those of you who have expressed their good wishes for our return, both to this site and to each other. We appreciate it.