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Grave of Chuck's Great, Great Grandfather that we found last week in Sisseton. He was a scout in the 1860's.


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Chuck & Mariska having dinner with Rose, Phillippe, and Marc from Belgium in Holland
Chuck with Olga (Russian) and Ralph (Dutch) in Holland
Chuck with Bob de Jong, a promoter of a very large event in Holland
Chuck dowsing at some sacred stones in Holland

Chuck taking photos while Mariska and Robert look on

Chuck with the reknown artist Sonja Boekhorst and Robin in Holland
Mariska and Chuck at Vijienerbossen.
This little boy is 12, his sister is 10. They came to one of our talks and when they heard about the idea of a Native American Theme Park being built in Pipestone they were very upset. The little boy, Dylan, told his teacher the next day, she too was upset and told the children about it. They told others in the school and they decided to do something about it. On Chuck's lap is a book containing 301 signatures of the children and teachers of the school, to say 'No Theme Park in Pipestone'! If young people like this can see the wrong in such a scheme, why can't adults who live in the area, or is it another story of 'a little child shall lead them'?

Sacred Stones in northern Holland

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